• Put mines in the correct folder before they explode!
  • Drag to select multiple mines for more score.
  • Get 7+ mines at once to heal.
  • Folders may also be dragged around the screen.

This game is played entirely with the left mouse button.
Developer highscore: 480

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)


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ayyyy beat the dev score (barely)

Minesorter? more like...minor sorter...haha...

cool game.

i love this game but if you are gonna update it PLEASE add a quick restart

Addictive classic game!

My highscore: 302


Nifty lil' game. Reminds me of a certain minigame from Super Mario 64 DS where you're sorting out mines. It's a novel concept to game-ify some traditional click and dragging files into folders. But now you're putting bombs away and if you don't do it in time they explode!

Some small criticisms I have are that the game could do with a color blind option. I had to turn off my blue light filter to play the game, otherwise I couldn't discern the difference between the black and blue bombs. Some symbols on the bombs would definitely help. Maybe triangles, squares, and circles.

One feature I'd like to request is to have a dedicated button (maybe right click) where if you hold it, it accelerates the bomb spawns. It would not only speed up the process of starting up a new run by cutting down the wait, but it would also introduce a risk vs reward mechanic.

The aesthetic is decent enough, but I really dig the way the game sounds when clicking and dragging. The game is generally well polished and decent quality. Great game!


thoughts on adding a color blind mode?


This is a really neat little game, and I enjoyed it a lot! Although, if you don't mind, I'd like to voice some criticisms with the gameplay, as well as offer some suggestions.

First off, it's really hard for me to keep track of when exactly mines are going to explode. All the visual/audible information that gives any real indication is when it's about to explode, which feels like you only get a half-second or so to react to it. This, IMO, does not gel at all with the relaxed pace at which mines are dropped onto the play field, and creates this frustrating dissonance that sort of brings down the whole game for me, especially later in the game when mines are being dropped constantly; it quickly becomes very difficult to keep track of which ones dropped first.

If I were to suggest anything, I'd say make the mines *not* flash for a few seconds after they spawn. This would let the player more easily determine which mines to keep on the board, and which ones to sacrifice early to the correct colored folder.

Another complaint I have is that the mines' hitboxes feel very restrictive. I feel like there have been multiple times where I could have sworn that I clicked on a mine, usually in a selected group, only for me not to pick it up and end up undoing the selection. While not every loss of health/game over felt like it was out of my control, this was definitely the case on more than one occasion, due to the aforementioned as well as mines spawning in inconvenient spots while I was drag-selecting.

I'm not sure how to solve the latter part, but I feel like if you extended the hitboxes out a little bit, that might make the game feel a little fairer. Not easier, mind you, just fairer.

Some more minor complaints that I have are as follows:

- Some of the sound effects feel out of place with the general vibe of the game, like when a new folder is spawned in, it lands with a Dragonball sound effect. I'm sure you were just using what you had on hand, but I think the game would benefit, if only in a minor way, by having these sound effects swapped out for sounds that evoke the old PC aesthetic the rest of the game seems to go for.

- It'd be nice to be able to instantly retry and not have to wait a couple seconds for the "GAME OVER" text to spawn in one letter at a time, at least after the first time you die.

- The lack of music or background ambience during gameplay makes the game feel slightly empty, IMO. I honestly think the game could use some kind of backbeat to accompany what the player's doing.

Finally, I feel like this game could benefit from a menu that would let you adjust things like volume settings. Given that this game is based on a computer's interface, it'd make aesthetic sense to include the options in some kind of toolbar at the bottom. Speaking of aesthetics, I'm not saying you have to, but it'd be kinda cool to see some unlockable skins for the game's sprites, based on different operating systems (Windows XP, Mac OS, etc), that you could unlock if you pass certain score thresholds. Either that, or being able to alter the appearance of the mines and folders to resemble other things.

That being said, I really like this game's concept and presentation! Even if I personally had some gripes, at the end of the day I really appreciate that people like you are making little games like this. Whether you continue updating this game or move onto another project, I wish you the best, sarn!


really made my autistic brain relax :3

i am obsessed, please include a download version :)) (also the game is locked to 60fps or is it just me?)



kinda needs a fullscreen mode - other than, it's pretty neat


a fullscreen mode would be very nice. my mouse keeps going out of bounds and the selection ends and it keeps messing me up, so the elimination of the game border would also make that problem go away

this is awesome

480 is insane wtf

Omg this is amazing! I absolutely adore the creativity!

Cool game :)

That's a pretty dang creative take on the classic game! Love it! 🙌


Really cool game, but I sometimes wonder how the smiley is doing?


Very cool, Love the Game Over screen

Nice game!

I don't know what to do with the red mines.

(1 edit)

oh, I think there's a problem with the current build where the red and blue folders spawn at the same position. you can drag the folders around to see both of them.

edit: uploaded a new build that should solve the spawn position of the red folder

Also a small complaint, it's frustrating that even when you let go of a group of mines, they stay selected until you click on something outside the group.

There is no indication that they are still selected, and it's awkward that I can't move a single member of the group somewhere else without clicking outside the group first. Like I have a group of blue-blue-grey-blue because the grey spawned in as I dragged the selection box, I can't move the last blue to the left side without deselecting everything manually, and that feels very unintuitive. Being able to pick up the group where I left it is fine but this is very bothersome.


There is an icon on 'selected' mines. I'm not going to change the selection mechanics.