A downloadable game for Windows

Your computer has been infected! Go through level to level platforming and solving puzzles with a Virus looming over your shoulder, restricting your movement and even outright taking control!


  • 30+ Levels which take advantage of unique mechanics
  • A handful of obstacles and enemies
  • 3 Worlds that throw you deeper into your PC
  • An original soundtrack
  • Quality 2D Pixel art graphics

WASD / Arrow Keys - Move
Spacebar - Jump


Game and level design by everyone involved (except Peas).

The OST can be found here.

Tricky Keys is a puzzle platformer made in 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2020, with the theme "Out of Control".


Tricky Keys.zip 17 MB


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Great stuff!

Posted a video of the game here: 


Hard to believe you pulled off something this well-realised and gorgeous in just two days. Good stuff!

(This is also incredibly hard)


Gotta say this is my favorite for sure on this jam. I've played a lot from the top rated, but this one is so perfectly polished! The idea is very creative and scalable, the polish is gorgeous and the level design is on point (a little bit hard in my opinion but very fair). Congratulations, I hope you guys win this Jam!






this is a badass game


Mighty proud of ya'll who worked on this game! its sick!


Why is everyone calling this an ass game?

Seriously, though, it's great.

Thank you :)

what a cool ass game

hey guys love ya

hot ass game


this is a good ass game