Note: The above web build of the game has received minor updates since the original jam version. The original jam build can still be downloaded below.

Your computer has been infected! Go through level to level platforming and solving puzzles with a Virus looming over your shoulder, restricting your movement and even outright taking control!


  • 30+ Levels which take advantage of unique mechanics
  • A handful of obstacles and enemies
  • 3 Worlds that throw you deeper into your PC
  • An original soundtrack
  • Quality 2D Pixel art graphics

WASD / Arrow Keys - Move
Spacebar - Jump


Game and level design by everyone involved (except Peas).

The OST can be found here.

Tricky Keys is a puzzle platformer made in 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2020, with the theme "Out of Control".


Tricky 17 MB


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First i'd like to start with criticism and what this game sucks at.

1. Just kidding

2. Yeah it's pretty good


it's 2am and I'm crying at how difficult this is


fun fact: I punched my screen.

thanks, i needed to know that, i was abt to look it up on google

i almost did that too but i need my laptop for work

What's the name of the protagonist

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Ebby would be a good one

LIke this game so much! the only problem is in the last level, i have to edit some tiles to able to finish the level.

other then that is awesome!

Just found out about this game today! yall did an amazing job for the jam and really stuck to the theme, AMAZING WORK! :D

Took me around 2 hours to beat. Very challenging, pretty damn fun.

Pretty difficult and really fun.


DUDE this is so hard but so good omg

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Only two flaws.

1. Too short for me

2. Suggestion but I'd like a place where you can create your own levels in any available world theme, and tell the Virus what to do in the level.  

but other than that this game is excellent. Love how the game is in the style of a real computer. Even the saws look like CD/DVD discs.

Wishing I could put spoilers for this part, but I've tried to make it so you can only access it if you click Read More.

I don't think I  need to suggest a level editor anymore, I can just edit the layout of existing levels (downloaded version)

The final level's tiles randomly change into other worlds' tiles, to give a glitched effect, like the Virus is trying to break the machine.  And once you complete this level, he even starts laughing as the computer breaks, like it was part of his master plan all along, as opposed to every other level where he just gets mad. It may not seem like much but these small details are sometimes perfect. (and I wonder if the icons in the background of the start screen are references to your other projects? haven't seen any of them but just curious) (Oh, and I wonder if the BSOD in the computer icon in the final level is a sort of warning/foreshadowing?)

Overall 10/10.


Dude that game is amazing!

Difficult, creative, fun

pretty cool!

Is it possible to play again after completing

Yeah,  just reload the  page

Dude, this game is great! It's very hard, and I felt my rage increase each time I died, but the gameplay is very unique, also the style is beautiful and well done. Nice game for a 48h project!


Dude the last level is BRUTAL love this game

To the creator, is there something after the end? Like a secret? If there is, just give a hint of how to get it. Or any hint for any secret please.

Nope! Sorry, nothing after the end, it's only a gamejam game that we made in 48 hours, we didn't have more time to add more content.

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The end was brutal, and I love the difficulty.

Edit: That made me sound like a masochist. I meant that it was challenging in a fun way.


i'm so used to up being synonymous with jump that i can't rewire my brain around it

and the fact that there's no checkpoints at ALL so far makes it hard to switch to each part of the level

quality game, but the execution was lackluster..

I wish it were like 10%-20% slower (or had that as an easy mode), but completed the game anyway. It was still really fun!

I love the fact that the Desktop is intractable. Neat game!

Can you update the download version like the web version?


its very hard

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Good game but I still wish harm to the developers

this game is really hard and i raged at multiple levels when i got to the end it was...disappointing  still a great game nonetheless

Keep in mind that this game was made in 48 hours for a game jam :)

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Great stuff!

Posted a video of the game here: 


Hard to believe you pulled off something this well-realised and gorgeous in just two days. Good stuff!

(This is also incredibly hard)


Gotta say this is my favorite for sure on this jam. I've played a lot from the top rated, but this one is so perfectly polished! The idea is very creative and scalable, the polish is gorgeous and the level design is on point (a little bit hard in my opinion but very fair). Congratulations, I hope you guys win this Jam!






this is a badass game


Mighty proud of ya'll who worked on this game! its sick!


Why is everyone calling this an ass game?

Seriously, though, it's great.

Thank you :)

what a cool ass game

hey guys love ya

hot ass game


this is a good ass game